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The Education Committee has held webinars on several topics.  They are free for members, and nonmembers are asked for a donation. Topics so far have included:

Bertram Karon on "Who Am I to Treat This Person?"
"Responding to Extreme States with Loving Receptivity: Honoring the Spirit's Transformative Journey" with Cardum Harmon, Dina Tyler, and Michael Cornwall, PhD of the Bay Area Mandala Project
Ann-Louise Silver on "Frieda Fromm-Reichmann and Her Current Relevance”

Stay tuned for links to recordings of these webinars.


19th International ISPS Conference

From DNA to Neighborhood: Relationship and Experience in Psychosis
–An International Dialogue

The conference was held March 18-22, 2015, Cooper Union, New York City.
Conference attendees and ISPS-US members get a discount - you will receive an email with the code.

Pictures from the conference are available here:

Debra LampshirePast Annual Meeting resources available

Download updated Abstracts and References
from the ISPS-US 14th Annual Meeting >>

Purchase 14th Annual Meeting videos >>

Purchase 13th Annual Meeting videos >>

View photos from the October 2013 ISPS-US 14th Annual Meeting in New Brunswick

Making Real Change Happen
Welcome to Liverpool 2017
The 20th International Congress of ISPS will take place in the United Kingdom. 
Wednesday 30th August – Saturday 2nd September, 2017

An Introduction to the Hearing Voices Network USA
The Hearing Voices Network (HVN) is over 25 years old and has chapters around the world in 26+ countries. It represents a partnership between individuals who hear voices or have other extreme or unusual experiences, professionals and allies in the community, all of whom are working together to change the assumptions made about these phenomenon and create supports, learning and healing opportunities for people across the country. Founded around the philosophy that those who hear voices, see visions and/or have other unusual experiences are not necessarily experiencing a symptom of illness, HVN groups create opportunities for people to discuss what happens for them in a non-judgmental environment that supports the process of making meaning and learning to walk through the world as a voice hearer. Spend an hour with Lisa Forestell and Marty Hadge, both voice hearers, as they introduce you to the history and values of the Hearing Voices movement. Perhaps, by the conclusion, you’ll want to get involved too!

About the presenters:
Lisa Forestell is a Director with the WMass Recovery Learning Community (RLC). She is a voice hearer, an HVN facilitator, train-the-trainer, and a member of HVN-USA Board of Directors dedicated to bringing HVN to the US. A staunch ally and peer to all those who choose their own life path regardless, in spite of and because of the obstacles they have faced. Marty Hadge after years of receiving traditional mental health treatment, including multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, has found meaning and value to the experience of hearing voices and other extreme states through the healing environment of the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community and Hearing Voice groups. Marty is a trainer for the HVN USA. He was a Key Note Speaker at 2113 Alternatives Conference and currently works as a Community Bridger for the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community.

CBT for Psychosis: An Online Course
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for psychosis is an evidence-based method to reduce distress and disability related to psychotic experiences, and to support a possible full recovery.  Ron Unger LCSW, an ISPS-US member, is the instructor for this 5 hour/5 CE online course which you complete on your own time, with lifetime access to all course materials.  Use this link for more information and to register - 50% of your tuition directly supports ISPS-US!

Why join ISPS?

View this video introduction, then find out about our exciting member benefits here!. You can also follow us on our blog, on Twitter, or on Facebook!




Election 2014

ISPS-US is pleased to announce the results of our officer election:

Jessica Arenella, PhD

Vice President:
Nancy Burke, PhD

Leah Rokeach, LCSW

Ron Abramson, MD

Congratulations to our new officers! They will take office on November 8.

The amendment question about whether to implement electronic voting in the next election was not able to be counted, because we did not receive ballots from 40% of eligible voters. We may have a special election between now and 2017 to revisit this question. For now we will continue to follow our bylaws, which require voting by mail.

Thanks to all members who participated in the election, and thanks to our current officers, Brian Koehler, Nancy Burke, Lori Kalman and K. Lowenthal, for their years of service

ISPS-US Institutes Sexual Harassment Policy

ISPS-US has issued a formal statement on discrimination and harassment and insituted a Sexual Harassment Policy.
Click here to download Policy (PDF) >>

ISPS Signs the Melbourne Hearing Voices Declaration

Dan FisherMember Spotlight

Dan Fisher, ISPS-US Honorary Member 2013
Read more about his work. >>

If you would like to be featured in a future Member Spotlight,
contact Karen Stern, Executive Director.




A Way Out of MadnessA Way Out of Madness
Dealing With Your Family After You've Been Diagnosed With A Psychiatric Disorder

Co-Written and Co-Edited by Daniel Mackler and Matthew Morrissey

Family conflict can wreak havoc on people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. A Way Out of Madness offers guidance in resolving family conflict and taking control of your life. The book also includes personal accounts of family healing by people who were themselves psychiatrically diagnosed. This is the first book in our ISPS-US Book Series. Paperback now available. For more information or to purchase>>

ISPS-US Newsletter Winter 2012
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Winter 2015 Newsletter
ISPS-US to Host International
ISPS Conference

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