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Join ISPS-US for our 16th Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon!

Psychosis in Context: Exploring Intersections in Diverse Identities and Extreme States

November 17-19, 2017
University Place Hotel
Cosponsored by the EASA Center for Excellence at PSU

Keynote Speaker: Gogo Ekhaya Esima

Gogo Ekhaya Esima is an initiated Sangoma Traditional Healer in the Zulu culture of South Africa. She is a certified Peer Recovery Specialist in mental health, a trauma survivor, and a spiritual teacher. Gogo Ekhaya is a strong advocate for challenging standardized mental health concepts in America, she has written for the forthcoming ISPS series book, Women and Psychosis: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, and her shamanic journey of healing and recovery is featured in the documentary CRAZYWISE. Her gifts include seeing and hearing voices of the ancestors, mediumship, and earth based medicinal healing.  Gogo Ekhaya has a full-time shamanic healing practice in Southern California.

Honoree: Narsimha Reddy Pinninti, MD

Narsimha Reddy Pinninti, MD is PACT Psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry at Rowan University. Dr. Pinninti is a certified Cognitive therapist and uses CBT, MI and Yoga mindfulness based Cognitive therapy (YMBCT) for psychosis. He is a coauthor of Cultural Adaptation of CBT for Serious Mental Illness: A Guide for Training and Practice.

DEADLINE: Submissions Due by MAY 29, 2017

Extreme mental states and psychotic experiences occur within a context that includes a person’s unique family story, ethnicity, religion, race, socioeconomic status, gender and sexual identity, trauma experiences, and more. The attempt to isolate these states and experiences from the soil in which they grow often results in diagnosing people instead of understanding them. Yet individuals’ reactions and adaptation to the nexus of social constructs, cultural beliefs, and personal and collective histories that form the backdrops of their lives are sources of their strengths and their suffering alike. How can those who are struggling come more fully to appreciate the complexities of who they are, why they hurt, and what the possibilities might be for transformation? And how can helpers better understand the intersection of these layers of relevant factors so that assistance can be provided that truly fits the person?

ISPS has focused on psychological and social approaches to psychosis, madness, and extreme states of mind for over 50 years. The ISPS-US 16th Annual Meeting will feature a diversity of perspectives on psychotherapies, research on recovery, and theoretical developments. The points of view of experts by experience and family members will be highlighted. A main focus will be intersectionality or the interconnected nature of social identities as they relate to systems of discrimination and oppression. 

We welcome proposals for papers, panel discussions, and creative or alternative formats focused on psychological and social approaches to psychosis or extreme mental states. A variety of perspectives and topics are welcome and we are interested in representing a diversity of voices. All professional disciplines, experts by experience, and family members are encouraged to submit proposals. Please share your knowledge, experience, energy, and hope. We hope to see you in beautiful Portland, Oregon! See submission guidelines.

All photos courtesy of Travel Portland.

To make your hotel reservation, call 503-221-0140 or 1-866-845-4647, and ask for the "ISPS US 2017 Conference" Room Block (rate of $89 per night plus 15.3% tax).  Please note that the block date is: check in 11/15 & check out 11/20 2017.  If you need to stay before the block date, please let the hotel agent know the block starts on 11/15, if not, the hotel agent will not see the block.

Your must make your reservation by 9/15 2017.

Making Real Change Happen: ISPS Liverpool 2017

Making Real Change Happen: ISPS Liverpool 2017

20th International Congress of the ISPS
Making Real Change Happen
Aug 30th-Sept 3rd, 2017 in Liverpool, UK
Call for papers

ISPS 2017: there are just a few days left to submit your abstract for "Making Real Change Happen"!

We encourage you to submit a paper, poster, symposium or workshop on any of our linked themes before the end of SUNDAY, JANUARY 15th at

Those submitting abstracts will be informed of the outcome by January 22nd, in time for the early bird fee deadline, which is January 31.

Please note that the pre-conference workshops will take place on Wednesday 30th August.

Can a conference be a catalyst for change? It is exactly this wish that inspired the title and theme of the 2017 ISPS international congress.
Sadly, this is a wish born out of frustration. Attitudes, practices, and services too often seem barely touched by the steadily developing understanding of psychological and social aspects of psychosis and of what is helpful for people who experience it. So we aim for this conference to be not only about the valuable sharing of new research, ideas, and developments, but also, as the title indicates, about making real change happen. The large number of organizations who have given their support to this conference can be seen here.
We are delighted to be meeting in the exciting city of Liverpool. Carl Jung saw it as "the pool of life," and we hope its rich heritage (not just football and music!) will make it an energizing setting for a conference thinking about change. More information about the social program will be available soon.
Delegates at previous international conferences have often commented on how ISPS events stand out. They point to the unique mix of opportunities not only to learn from high-quality presentations, but also to join a rich dialogue between people with a wealth of experience and expertise, a fertile mix of professionals from a wide range of disciplines, and people whose experience and expertise comes through personal experience of psychosis.

ISPS conferences have also traditionally been warm and welcoming gatherings, where people go away
feeling inspired and reinvigorated. We hope this one will be no exception, and look
forward very much to welcoming you to Liverpool in August 2017.


The Education Committee has held webinars on several topics. They are free for members, and nonmembers are asked for a donation. Topics so far have included:

"Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: The Dialectic of Distress and Spirituality" with Dr. Ingo Lambrecht

"Compassion for Voices: Science and Application" with Charles Heriot-Maitland

"Introduction to Dialogic Practice" with Mary Olson

CBT for Psychosis: An Online Course

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for psychosis is an evidence-based method to reduce distress and disability related to psychotic experiences, and to support a possible full recovery. Ron Unger LCSW, an ISPS-US member, is the instructor for this 5 hour/5 CE online course which you complete on your own time, with lifetime access to all course materials. Use this link for more information and to register - 50% of your tuition directly supports ISPS-US!

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Videos are now available from the ISPS-US 15th Annual Meeting, From Reductionism to Humanism: Moving Forward from Psychosis and Extreme States

Boston, Oct. 28-30, 2016.
Check out this amazing archive of presentations about working toward recovery, by people with lived experience of psychosis and extreme states, and those who work with them, who are moving toward recovery!

You can purchase a "punch pass" and use it to get a 50% discount on any 10 videos from any meeting.
ISPS-US members and meeting attendees get an additional 50% discount on all purchases: email for more information.

Until March 31, the following video is available for half price ($15):
Making Sense of Family Tragedies Across the Generations: A Guide to Understanding the Role of Intergenerational Trauma on Your Family, presented by Françoise Davoine, PhD.
Learn about how family traumas–from personal tragedies such as the loss of a child to social phenomena such as racism and war, can impact vulnerable family members for generations, and then show up as the seemingly psychotic symptoms of a particular family member. This video will provide you a new framework for understanding difficult experiences!

And don’t miss the free book readings by 6 authors with various perspectives on psychosis, extreme states and recovery!


ISPS-US is on the map! We are using the award winning DebateGraph cloud-based service to learn about and make decisions regarding complex issues regarding psychosis, madness, and mental health

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A Way Out of Madness
Dealing With Your Family After You've Been Diagnosed With A Psychiatric Disorder

A Way Out of Madness

Co-Written and Co-Edited by Daniel Mackler and Matthew Morrissey

Family conflict can wreak havoc on people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. A Way Out of Madness offers guidance in resolving family conflict and taking control of your life. The book also includes personal accounts of family healing by people who were themselves psychiatrically diagnosed. This is the first book in our ISPS-US Book Series. Paperback now available. For more information or to purchase>>