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Life Writing

Monthly Life Writing Group (for ISPS-US members and Life Writing course graduates) 

Second Thursday of each month from 4 – 6 pm Eastern Time

ISPS-US offers informal monthly gatherings that will provide a safe and nurturing space for the writers among us to read their work and receive positive feedback and gently constructive comments from fellow participants. The groups are primarily intended as informal opportunities for mutual sharing and growth. While little formal instruction will take place, the process of reading, receiving and providing feedback, and sharing of resources and ideas will provide ample opportunities for participants to grow as writers and thinkers. Having the opportunity to come to know and learn from each other through our work will further the process needed to engage in the deep thinking and feeling required to make sense of our lives in the context of “the things that happened to us.”   

From time to time, members of the group may choose to share their own areas of expertise, or they may wish to invite others to share. 

Adding our stories and lives to the body of work that already exists will help foster understanding – and perhaps over time, and with continued effort, movement toward more humane and effective mental health care.

Prose writers and poets are welcome.

Interested in taking part in our groups? If you’re not already a member, join ISPS-US. If you’re already a member, check out our upcoming group meetings on our event calendar to register.