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Regional Branches

Regional Branches

ISPS-US is a national organization. Our branches are localized grassroots efforts across the US that bring the ISPS-US mission and values to their communities. Some branches have meetings in either a public venue, an office or someone’s home, while other areas are spread out geographically and members communicate via email, list serves, or Zoom.

We currently have branches in the following areas:

  • New York City 
  • Upstate New York
  • Pacific Northwest 
  • Northern California 
  • Southern California 
  • Minnesota

Start a Local Branch

Branch leaders build a community of people who are interested in the mission of ISPS. They do not have to be ISPS-US members, but branch leaders would be expected to educate them about the group, our conferences, and events and encourage them to join. Topics for meetings might include workshops, study groups, presentations, or other projects. Branch leaders are encouraged to invite your contacts, and ISPS-US provides the contact information of our members in the area.

If you’re interested in being a branch leader, visit our volunteer page.