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Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

Welcome to the ISPS-US Speakers Bureau

Our Speakers Bureau is a platform dedicated to fostering understanding, awareness, and dialogue around states of mind commonly called psychosis. We present a diverse and dynamic group of speakers, including service providers, academics, clinicians, individuals with lived experience, and their families. Our speakers foster a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere, promoting multi-faceted understanding and psychological and social approaches that uphold human dignity.

Our speakers are available for conferences, workshops, panel discussions, educational events, and media engagements. We invite you to explore our roster of speakers and their profiles, each highlighting their areas of expertise and topics they are passionate about. Please contact us with any inquiries or requests.

Note: The ISPS-US Speakers Bureau is a platform for sharing diverse perspectives. The views and opinions expressed by our speakers belong to the individuals themselves and may not necessarily reflect the official stance of ISPS-US.