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ISPS-US provides education that promotes the appropriate use of psychotherapy and psychosocial treatments for those experiencing states of mind commonly called “psychosis.” These include approaches and understandings derived from psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral, systemic, psychoeducational, occupational, peer support, creative, and related approaches. Our educational offerings also highlight social factors and intersecting systemic injustices related to “psychosis.” We offer live and recorded webinars, and also live-interactive workshops/courses.

Upcoming Live Webinars

This webinar will introduce participants to Social Recovery Therapy (SRT;, a CBT-informed intervention that aims to improve social and functional outcomes for people who have experienced psychosis. The ethos of SRT is to promote social recovery through increased time spent in structured activities that are meaningful to the individual. Social recovery is both personally valuable and important in its own right, as well as a facilitator of better mental health outcomes. SRT focuses on working with individuals and systems around them, e.g., family, friends, mental health/other professionals, and activity providers. This helps individuals to engage in meaningful activities within a system that supports and encourages them in doing so, which helps the engagement in activity to last.

We're pleased to invite you to our next live webinar event New Perspectives on Negative Symptoms: Incorporating Meaning-Centered Approaches and Lived Experience into Clinical Practice with Marie Brown, PhD, Nev Jones, PhD, and Shannon Pagdon, BA. This event promises to be an enlightening session, offering fresh insights and challenging traditional views on what are known as negative symptoms.


Watch this space for our next interactive, multisession course coming in late Summer 2024.

Past Courses

Recorded Webinars

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