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Vesper Moore

  • Name

    Vesper Moore

  • About

    Political Activist | Instructor | Health Science Professional | Peer Specialist

  • Topics / Expertise

    Disability, Psychosis, Indigenous Rights, lived experience of the mental health system, non-carceral peer support and community approaches, civil rights, involuntary commitment

  • Bio

    Vesper Moore is an Indigenous activist and leader deeply involved in promoting mental health and disability rights through activism, leadership, organizing, public speaking, and education. Vesper focuses on cultivating social movements and enhancing public awareness to foster lasting social change. They have actively contributed to the establishment of mental health organizations worldwide and have fought to uplift civil rights in the United States.

    Vesper has brought the perspectives of disabled people and people with mental health challenges to national and international spaces with their advocacy. Vesper works with both the United States government and the United Nations in shaping strategies around trauma, intersectionality, and disability rights. They have been at the forefront of legislative reform to shift the societal paradigm surrounding mental health.

  • Travel

    Yes - Domestic and International

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