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Noël Hunter, Psy.D

  • Name

    Noël Hunter, Psy.D

  • About

    Clinical Psychologist | Advocate

  • Topics / Expertise

    Complex trauma and psychosis, dissociation, lived experience

  • Bio

    Noël Hunter, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder and director of MindClear Integrative Psychotherapy. She believes in a trauma-informed, humanistic, approach to understanding problems in living. Although specializing in trauma, dissociation and psychosis, Dr. Hunter views all problems in living as existing within the context of one’s life and on a continuum of suffering. She has trained in community mental health, state hospital, residential, juvenile justice, and college counseling settings, has been an adjunct professor for both undergraduate and graduate psychology students at Long Island University and New York University, and has guest lectured at UCLA and NYU. Dr. Hunter has been interviewed for numerous news, podcast, and other sources, including National Geographic, CNN, BBC News, Parents Magazine, and more. She is also the author of the book “Trauma and Madness in Mental Health Services.”

  • Travel

    Yes - Domestic and International