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Michael Garrett, MD

  • Name

    Michael Garrett, MD

  • About

    Psychiatrist | Psychoanalyst

  • Topics / Expertise

    1) Psychological Perspectives on How Trauma Can Lead to Psychosis; 2) Psychoanalytic Perspectives on the Voice-hearing Experience and Beliefs that Depart from Consensual Reality; 3) How Does the Mental Health System in the United States Work, from a Psychiatrist's Perspective

  • Bio

    Michael Garrett, MD is currently Professor Emeritus of Clinical Psychiatry at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. He is also on the faculty of the Psychoanalytic Association of New York (PANY) affiliated with NYU Medical Center in New York City. He received his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and completed his residency training in Psychiatry at Bronx Municipal Hospital Center. He currently teaches and supervises clinicians doing psychotherapy for psychosis and is a consultant to several first-episode for psychosis teams in the United States and abroad. He has a particular interest in the integration of cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic treatment in the psychotherapy of psychosis, as detailed in his recent book: Garrett, M. (2019) Psychotherapy for Psychosis: Integrating Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic Treatments. Guilford Press/New York.

  • Travel

    No - Virtual / Telephone only