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Mark Ragins, MD

  • Name

    Mark Ragins, MD

  • About

    Recovery-Based Psychiatrist

  • Topics / Expertise

    Recovery Model services, psychosis, homelessness, integrated services, recovery-based prescribing practices

  • Bio

    Mark Ragins, MD has been a psychiatrist for 40 years, working in community mental health centers, as the Medical Director for 27 years at the Mental Health America Village in Long Beach, California, an award-winning model of recovery-based mental health services, as the students’ psychiatrist at Cal State Long Beach, and on street medicine teams working with homeless people on the streets throughout LA county. His recent book, Journeys Beyond the Frontier: A Rebellious Guide to Psychosis and Other Extraordinary Experiences, is based on true stories of working with some of the most underserved and difficult-to-engage people in our community. Countless numbers of people came to experience the work being done at the Village firsthand and Mark has given hundreds of presentations and lectures to wide-ranging audiences nationally and internationally. He is one of the true pioneers and leaders of person-centered, recovery-based psychiatry. Many of his writings are posted online at, including his short book A Road to Recovery. He was also featured in Steve Lopez’ book The Soloist. Over the years, Mark has won a number of awards including from the American Psychiatric Association, the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, NAMI, and Mental Health Advocacy Services.

  • Travel

    Yes - Domestic and International