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Leah Ida Harris

  • Name

    Leah Ida Harris

  • About

    Independent Journalist | Writer | Psychiatric Survivor | Social Justice | Human Rights

  • Topics / Expertise

    Involuntary commitment laws and policies, psychiatric abolition, psychosis in menopause, lived experience of the mental health system, suicide, hearing voices

  • Bio

    Leah Ida Harris is a second-generation psychiatric survivor, advocate, and writer who has worked for two decades for radical change in America’s approach to mental health policy and practice. Leah experienced psychosis for the first time during the menopause transition and is passionate about raising awareness on this little-discussed phase of life. Leah's bylines include Mad in America, the Disability Visibility Project, Truthout, and the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel, and the Progressive Magazine. Her essays appear in the anthologies We’ve Been Too Patient: Voices from Radical Mental Health, and the forthcoming Mad Studies Reader. She has been a guest on the podcasts Committable, Death Panel, and the Depth Work podcast, among others.

  • Travel

    Maybe - Virtual Preferred

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