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Resource signal boost: Open Minded Online

A laptop shown from above with a person's hands touching the keyboard and mouse pad

Open Minded Online is a project of Elisabeth Svanholmer and Rufus May, two folks who were inspired to share methods of working with voices and similar experiences after they found their own experiences in traditional psychiatric treatment to be lacking. The approaches can be used by voice-hearers themselves, such as with the quick and practical Self-Help Guide to Talking With Voices, or with therapists, such as with the Engaging With Voices Videos.

The approaches emphasize personal empowerment and agency. Inspired in part by Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication, you will see communication techniques modeled that can lead to more satisfying dialogue with anyone we might encounter - voices, family, strangers, psychiatrists, internal thoughts, non-verbal exchanges with others, even those who threaten or impose significant power over us.

Powerful stuff, indeed.