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New Groups: Spiritual Wellness & Life Writing

Starting in April, ISPS-US will be hosting two new groups for our Members:

Spiritual Wellness Conversations

Many people who live with, and sometimes struggle with, what are widely considered extraordinary perceptions and experiences, have found serenity, understanding, and enormous healing through spiritual understandings. Many of us have learned, over time, to embrace our extraordinary perceptions, allowing us to make peace with our experiences, with ourselves and others, and with the wider world, while some of us may still question and suffer from the various experiences we have gone through.This conversation group is intended as a safe learning and healing space, where we can share and explore with one another the ways in which our faith in something beyond ourselves and our practice has allowed us to find hope as we seek to find and reclaim our wholeness.

8:00 pm Eastern time on the first Tuesday of each month
First meeting: Tuesday, March 5, at 8:00 pm Eastern.
Facilitators: Jeannie Bass, Robert Bergner, Claire Bien, Denise Maratos

11:00 am Eastern time on the third Saturday of each month.
First meeting: Saturday, March 16, at 11:00 am Eastern.
Facilitators: Claire Bien, Amber Brown

Monthly Life Writing Group

For ISPS-US members and Life Writing course graduates

Second Thursday of each month from 4 – 6 pm Eastern Time

Host: Claire Bien

Starting Thursday, April 11, ISPS-US will begin offering informal monthly gatherings that will provide a safe and nurturing space for the writers among us to read their work and receive positive feedback and gently constructive comments from fellow participants. The groups are primarily intended as informal opportunities for mutual sharing and growth. While little formal instruction will take place, the process of reading, receiving and providing feedback, and sharing of resources and ideas will provide ample opportunities for participants to grow as writers and thinkers. Having the opportunity to come to know and learn from each other through our work will further the process needed to engage in the deep thinking and feeling required to make sense of our lives in the context of “the things that happened to us.”   

From time to time, members of the group may choose to share their own areas of expertise, or they may wish to invite others to share. 

To join, please visit our Events Calendar and click on the event you wish to register for. If you're not already an ISPS-US member, join today!