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Perseverance in Overcoming

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Written by ISPS-US MN Branch Member Jack.

How could I be so cursed?

Will I live with this horrible condition for my whole life?

Do I choose to agree with what some doctors tell me?

Is there a possibility that I can trust my own reason that informs through intuition to not believe all of what mainstream medicine dictates. 

After all there is little to rely on in the way of evidence as we can see in articles like the following:

Is schizophrenia or bipolar curable?

Is it possible to recover without relying on medication for my whole life?

I really appreciated the medicine at first.

It quieted the fears, the hallucinations, the impending doom that I felt while thinking the governments of China and the USA, organized crime or others were after me and it quieted the sometimes amazing but often destructive hallucinations and visions.  

After 4 months the medicine seemed to rob me of my soul -- my love for life, my interests, my sexual nature, my sharp mind, and my whole sense of humanity and being.

The search went on for months and then years to find an alternative to medicine. Giving up my life to a disease I felt there must be some way to permanently cure was really not acceptable for me.

I found many resources… both about psychosis and about human health in general.

My advice to seekers--keep an open mind! The stigma, the labels, the trauma, and the disease can be erased over the course of years of hard work! It took me a lot of perseverance and a steadfast belief in my own reason, healthy eating, connection with people, retraining my trauma with successes in work and in social life and also trusting the wisdom of others who have cured themselves and been able to get off medication.

Resources to inspire you to begin your own search are out there.

You can overcome obstacles and rewrite your future and present and learn to respect the growth you achieved from your past experiences.

Trust in healing, and believe that this disease can be left in the rearview mirror:

Robert Whitaker’s Books “Anatomy of an Epidemic” and “Mad in America” – a website with a resource bank of alternative providers around the USA and beyond and with many blog posts and news articles – a fantastic website with many useful links and also a wonderful therapist who inspired me to be able to do what he and countless others have did (he also wrote a guide to getting off medication) - another website created by someone who successfully got off psych meds. People with alternative viewpoints and prior/current efforts in getting off medication are able to connect with each other. You can discover what other people's experiences are and find infomation on a database in order to support each other's journey. I  connected with people there myself to share resources, talk, and bounce ideas off each other.The website also has many other aspects relating to alternative approaches to psychosis.

Daniel Mackler’s Documentaries - “Take These Broken Wings” , “Open Dialogue” (about Finland’s amazing approaches to treating psychosis at the root cause), and “Healing Home” (about a Swedish organization that heals those suffering from psychosis in homes in the countryside with very grounded, supportive, loving, and hard working families) – I will say some of Mackler’s videos I don’t agree with but these three are amazing.

Good luck in overcoming obstacles! Schizophrenia or bipolar can be temporary labels that no longer apply. That's at least how I feel about my state as I'm now off medication successfully for a little while.