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1/25/24 | Creative Approaches to Voices, Visions, and Other Sensory Phenomena (WEBINAR)

Upcoming Webinar 1/25/24 | Creative Approaches to Voices, Visions, and Other Sensory Phenomena

We're pleased to announce our next webinar, Creative Approaches to Voices, Visions, and Other Sensory Phenomena, with Tami Gatta, Creative Arts Therapist and co-founder of the Hearing Voices Network NYC.

Date: Thursday, January 25th, 2024
Time: 12-1:30pm (Eastern)

Webinar Description 

When words do not suffice, how do we find ways to express? Learn more about strategies incorporating the use of art, drama and movement that allow individuals to both externalize and concretize unique experiences. Techniques are focused on expanding modes of communication, decreasing isolation, and exploring the potential for role play, role expansion, and humor.

Hearing Voices Course - Spring 2024

And if this isn't exciting enough, stay tuned for our Spring Workshop Series announcement, featuring Tami as one of six expert presenters exploring various psychological frameworks for working with Voice Hearing. The course will be capped at 40 participants. More details and registration coming soon.

About the Presenter:

Tami Gatta, MA, LCAT, RDT

Tami Michelle Gatta is a graduate of NYU’s Steinhardt School, where she earned her MA in Drama Therapy. A Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, she has chosen to further her trauma studies in both the US and abroad. In 2013, Tami became the first American to complete a 3-month externship with Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor in respite care and alternatives to hospitalization for individuals navigating voices, visions and other experiences deemed “psychosis.” In 2015, Tami began speaking more openly about her own trauma history and mental health struggles, ultimately becoming a Certified Peer Specialist. In 2016, she graduated from the Institute for Arts in Psychotherapy, where she went on to become Co-Director. In 2017, Tami was presented with the World Hearing Voices Congress Award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Growth and Development of the International Hearing Voices Movement.” 

Tami is the founder of Tami Gatta Mental Health Counseling, PLLC pending, where she provides individual psychotherapy and trauma-informed supervision to peers, students, clinicians and supervisors. She is also the co-founder of Curious Rebels, LLC, a CE granting, training and consulting firm, which offers professional support series on mental health and staff retention, the incorporation of peer specialists into the workforce, trauma-informed care, vicarious resilience, as well as a 3-year post-graduate program geared towards using improvisation and embodiment as a means of healing. Tami is a co-founder of Hearing Voices Network NYC, where she is a primary trainer in the Hearing Voices Movement. Tami is committed to ongoing personal growth, and emphasizes queer-empowering, anti-racist, fat liberation work that addresses historic and present inequities in mental health treatment.

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