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Proposed Slate of Officers for 2023-26

The three-year term for ISPS-US officers elected in 2020, comes to an end this fall. The ISPS-US  Nominating Committee has developed a slate of proposed officers, which follows. 

President:  Marie Brown, PhD

Vice President: Nancy Burke, PhD

Secretary: Lindsay Doyle, PhD

Treasurer: Andrea Finnegan, CPA

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You will note that we have identified only one person for each office. If you are a ISPS-US member wish to run to be one of the four officers of the board, please follow the process described below, submitting your nominating petition to the Secretary of the Board no later than July 17, 2023.

According to Article V, Section 2 of the ISPS-US By-laws, Any voting member may initiate a nominating petition. Such petition will state: "The undersigned voting members hereby place the name of so-and-so in nomination for the office of such-and-such for the mail ballot to be held in (year)" or words to that effect. Petitions will be directed to the Secretary of the Society.

The Secretary will review the petitions to determine that all signatories are members in good standing of the Society. The Secretary will determine cutoff dates for the receipt of nominating petitions.

Section 3. The number of petition-signatures sufficient to nominate is either a) ten percent of the voting members, or b) fifty voting members, whichever number is smaller.

The full by-laws are linked for your reference.

This is your opportunity to actively participate in shaping the leadership of ISPS-US. We encourage you to consider running for a position or nominating a fellow member who you believe would contribute greatly to our organization's growth and success. 

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. Together, we can make a difference!


Claire Bien, President
Leah Giorgini, Executive Director