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5/19/23 Webinar: Relating to Voices using Compassion Focused Therapy

Webinar Description
This webinar will outline the CFT psychoeducation of how evolution has set humans up with a tricky brain that has a natural threat bias that can incline towards dissociating, problematic attention, and over-estimating threat, using ‘better safe than sorry’ algorithms. It will guide participants through the CFT formulation of voice-hearing, which focuses on their (protective) function for people, particularly in the context of interpersonal threat and trauma. Building on these de-shaming foundations in psychoeducation and formulation, participants will learn how to support people in developing a ‘compassionate self’ identity and how to switch into compassionate mind states that organize multiple physiological processes differently to that of threat states. Participants will learn techniques that support people in applying compassionate competencies to achieve therapeutic change, with illustrative examples of interventions such as parts work, voice-dialoguing, imagery, letter-writing, and interventions that use role play, chair work embodiment and acting techniques.

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About the presenter(s)

Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland is a clinical psychologist, researcher and trainer at Balanced Minds ( He recently spent five years researching the application of CFT for people in NHS services who are experiencing distress in relation to psychosis (as an MRC Research Fellow at King’s College London and University of Glasgow, 2014-2019). He provides CFT therapy, supervision, consultation, and training, run over a hundred various compassion training workshops both nationally and internationally, and has co-authored (with Eleanor Longden) a new self-help book for voice-hearers called Relating to Voices using CFT (


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