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ISPS-US maintains several e-mail discussions lists for our members, who include mental health professionals, students, people who have experienced psychosis, their family members, academics, attorneys and others interested in psychological and social treatments of psychosis. Postings may include clinical, organizational or sociocultural issues related to this topic. The purpose of these lists is to provide a forum for discussion and education, but not for the provision of therapy or treatment of any kind. Participants are expected to behave in an appropriate manner.

Members of ISPS-US are permitted unlimited use of ISPS-US lists. Members who want to join any list (main ISPS-US, clinicians, students and early career, experts by experience, or international ISPS) should email .

Non-members may join the main ISPS-US list for a trial period of 3 months. Non-members should contact the list moderators at , and provide a brief statement about why they want to join the list.

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