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Code of Ethics:

TBD. We are in the process of forming an Ethics Committee. See below for more information:
The functions of the Ethics Committee are as follows:

  1. To develop a Code of Ethics for ISPS-US
  2. To address ethics complaints and concerns on an ad hoc basis 
  3. Other projects and duties as initiated by the Executive Committee and the Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee will have a Chairperson or two Co-Chairpersons as appointed by the Executive Committee. There will be a minimum of three people on the committee, with one being the Chairperson. There will be at least one person on the committee who identifies as having lived experiences of psychosis and at least one person on the committee who identities as a family member of someone with lived experience of psychosis.

The Chairperson will be responsible for convening (in person, electronically, or telephonically) a minimum of one meeting every three months. The chairperson will also be responsible for providing periodic updates to the executive committee on its activities, at least every three months in writing or on a conference call. It is recommended that prospective chair people and members make a minimum of one year commitment to the committee. 

Eligibility: ISPS-US members with a minimum of one year of membership and up to date with dues. Preferred at least two years of membership and current or prior experience on the executive board or committees.

Contact our Executive Director ( ) if you are interested in joining or have questions.

ISPS-US Sexual Harassment Policy

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