No Longer Lonely for the Holidays

I just came across this dating website started by a man diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder called “No Longer Lonely” designed specifically for people living with mental illness.

Having struggled with his own loneliness and isolation, he started a website to help others in the same situation. The Mission Statement of “No Longer Lonely”

No Longer Lonely is the ultimate icebreaker:

  • Never have to worry again about disclosure of your condition
  • No need to hide those pill bottles
  • Never again have to explain your erratic work experience
  • No more stigma-induced disappointments
  • Finding someone who can really understand your struggles and accomplishments

I like also the common sense advice on dating provided, encouraging the individual to take responsibility for his or her safety (physical and emotional).

“This is where clear communication is essential. No one should ever feel pressured. Go at your own pace and be cautious! Ask questions whose answers can provide confidence. The asking of questions is a crucial component of the process. Be inquisitive.”

I have always felt uncomfortable with the NAMI-sponsored Friendship Network because the application requires a letter from a mental health professional to vouch for one’s fitness for friendship!  After all, how could you deem someone UNFIT for meeting a new friend?! (On the other hand, maybe it is not such a bad idea. I think some of my single friends might prefer if their dates were pre-screened by a psychiatrist!)

Please spread the word about, especially during this holiday season.


Jessica Arenella

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