Full-Day Training with Ron Coleman: Working With Voices Wednesday June 20, 2012 in NYC

Full-Day Training  with Ron Coleman:
Working With Voices
Wednesday June  20, 2012
Church of the Intercession
550 W. 155th St. NY, NY 10032

This is a FULL-DAY training to teach mental health professionals, case managers, peer counsellors and family members how to help voice hearers, and is also appropriate for voice hearers who want to take charge of their experience.

Hearing voices is one of the most common experiences that people diagnosed with a psychotic illness have. Research has shown that many people continue to hear voices even after prolonged use of medication and this has meant that many voice hearers do not get relief from their experiences. The consequence of this is that many people live lives that are low in quality and high in distress. Many professionals are left frustrated when medication does not deliver the desired results.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Participants will understand the experience of hearing voices.
2. Participants will be able to identify effective coping strategies for hearing voices
3. Participants will understand how to work within the voice-hearers belief systems
4. Participants will be able to explain the technique of voice profiling.
Participants will have a toolkit for working with clients’ voices, including using the Workbook

E-MAIL  JESSARENELLA@GMAIL.COM to request registration form.

About the Trainer:    Ron Coleman
Ron is a Mental Health Trainer and Consultant specialising in psychosis prevention and resolution. He has designed training packages to enable voice hearers to gain ascendancy over the negative aspects of the voice hearing experience. His own route to recovery, after spending 13 years in & out of the psychiatric system, has given him many insights into the many difficult issues facing today’s mental health services.

Ron has published several books including ‘Politics of the Madhouse’, co–authored ‘Working with Voices’ & ‘Working to Recovery’ and wrote ‘Recovery an Alien Concept?’ Ron is now back in his homeland of Scotland after 20 years of self imposed exile!

For more info visit: http://www.roncolemanvoices.co.uk/

About the Sponsor: ISPS-US

ISPS-US is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the appropriate use of psychotherapy and psychological treatments for those suffering from psychotic disorders; to promote research into individual, family, group psychological therapies, preventive measures and other psychosocial programs for those with psychotic disorders; and to advance education, training and knowledge of mental health professionals in the psychological therapies and psychosocial interventions in the treatment and prevention of psychotic mental disorders for the public benefit regardless of race, religion, gender or socio-economic status.

For more info visit: http://www.isps-us.org

About the Location: Church of the Intercession
The Church of the Intercession on 155th Street and Broadway is the finest example of Gothic Revival or Neo-Gothic architecture in New York City. It is located on a bluff in historic Trinity Cemetery, which is bounded by 153rd to 155th Streets and Amsterdam Avenue to Riverside Drive. Many of New York’s social elite are buried here including the Astors, Schermerhorns, and local residents such as Eliza Jumel, John James Audubon,  Clement Clarke Moore, Mayors Fernando Wood and A. Oakey Hall and Alfred Tennyson Dickens are at Trinity. The location has served as the venue for many film, television, and photo shoots. On August 16, 1966 the Church was given landmark status by the National Landmark Status Committee for quality of architecture and historical interest. www.intercessionnyc.org

$75 Employed, Professionals
$50 Students, Unemployed, Fixed Income
(If require additional financial assistance, please complete from below or e-mail jessarenella@gmail.com indicating how much you can afford and why you want to attend.)

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