closing session – ISPS-US Annual Meeting

People commented on the great convivial mood of the group, the openness and enthusiasm, and generally wanted more time in future programs for workshops so they could get to share their ideas even more. There were many graduate students and young professionals who were very happy to have discovered us, who said they learned approaches that had never been mentioned in their training, and who volunteered to help us get the word out. I also learned from Richard Bentall that he and John Read (the editor of the ISPS journal Psychosis) were among the 13 experts who gave the push-back to the EPPIC research project that would have medicated those in their “early psychosis syndrome” protocol. “We are singing from the same hymnal,” he told me. In short, it was a magnificent meeting in a great setting. My only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to buy some of those gorgeous nectarines at the farmer’s market right outside the conference center. A-LS – p.s.-this was my first time blogging; it seems habit-forming. Thanks, Jessica, for your help!

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