Ann-Louise Silver, ISPS-US 2011 Honoree

Ann-Louise is giving a rousing talk on the perils of the proposed DSM 5 diagnosis of Early Psychosis Syndrome. She notes some of the motivation for this new diagnosis, including not just the expansion of the pharmaceutical industry, but also the ongoing fear of violence (especially gun violence) by individuals in a psychotic state. But, as Noel Hunter noted on her presentation yesterday, people with PTSD are more likely to engage in violence than people diagnosed with schizophrenia. Nonetheless,  the stigma against people with schizophrenia continues to dominate the culture. In some respect, I think that the fear of the other and discomfort with transgression is will always make it difficult for people with psychosis to be accepted,  but that doesn’t mean that stigma and domination is inevitable.

Ann-Louise also points out that teens are prone to unusual thoughts, perceptions, unstable emotions, as well as schizoid behavior that is often transient. Screening for EPP in adolescents is like fishing in an aquarium.

I’m typing this on the phone, so please forgive any spelling/grammar errors, or more likely, strange and embarrassing word substitutions due to an overzealous spellchecker.
Jessica Arenella

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