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CBT for Psychosis, and the Hearing Voices Movement – Can They Be Friends?

When Doug Turkington, a UK psychiatrist, first announced to his colleagues that he wanted to help people with psychotic experiences by talking to them, he was told by some that this would just make them worse, and by others that … Continue reading

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Getting Past “Blaming the Brain”

ISPS member John Read has been a leader in researching the connection between adverse events like child abuse and later experiences seen as psychosis.  Now, in his first ever blog post, he’s written a very readable and even funny account … Continue reading

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Therapy on the Wild Side – Depathologizing and Working with “Psychosis” and Extreme States of Consciousness

It can often be difficult to make it to seminars where cool strategies for helping people with psychosis in a really humanistic way are taught (and ISPS-US isn’t having a conference in 2014!).  To help get over that hurdle, I’ve worked … Continue reading

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