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2nd & 3rd stories in NY Times about people with schizophrenia doing alright!

First off, I realize that I was maybe a little too hard on Benedict Carey  in my previous post (sorry Ben!… not that YOU are reading ME) because the three stories he’s written for the Lives series about people diagnosed … Continue reading

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closing session – ISPS-US Annual Meeting

People commented on the great convivial mood of the group, the openness and enthusiasm, and generally wanted more time in future programs for workshops so they could get to share their ideas even more. There were many graduate students and … Continue reading

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Wrapping up in San Francisco

Thanks everyone for participating online and at the conference in San Francisco. A special shout out goes to Ann-Louise Silver for her prodigious blogging during the conference. It’s been another great conference, spending time with good people and learning lots … Continue reading

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Paris Williams, PhD – An Exploration of the Existential Underpinnings of the Psychotic Process

This clear but very packed presentation rested on a strong philosophic foundation, drawing from both Western and Eastern traditions. He is preparing a book, on the factors that led to recovery in six patients who had struggled with chronic psychosis. … Continue reading

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(another talk, from the ISPS-US annual meeting) Ron Unger, LCSW Dialogs at the Edge of Reason: Addressing Spiritual Issues within Treatment for Psychosis

This talk focussed on finding an alternative to the Madness vs. Normal split. We need to maintain a continuum view, where the spiritual experience spans a continuum from helpful or “spiritual” to definitely problematic.

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Ann-Louise Silver, ISPS-US 2011 Honoree

Ann-Louise is giving a rousing talk on the perils of the proposed DSM 5 diagnosis of Early Psychosis Syndrome. She notes some of the motivation for this new diagnosis, including not just the expansion of the pharmaceutical industry, but also … Continue reading

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Marilyn Charles – case presentation

This intensive and devoted work with a distant and deeply angry young woman led to a very informative discussion–the sort of experience that goes way beyond summarizing.

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Beverly Gibbon and James Gorney

They presented two classic presentations of devoted analytic therapy. Both addressed early trauma, working with the patient to bring the trauma into the world of the symbolic. They reminded us that Harry Stack Sullivan said that the moment of madness … Continue reading

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Jessica Arenella, Ross Tappen and Heather-Ayn Indelicato – lunchtime panel for early career people

1) you MUST establish a group study group 2) you need to find common ground between what you are interested in and what the institution wants from you. 3) Learn from your patients! 4) Learn what your local government provides … Continue reading

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Richard Bentall – The Psychology of Paranoid Delusions

The pearls here were too numerous to mention, but one thing was clear: trauma in infancy and early childhood showed a high correlation, with insecure attachment, unwanted pregnancy, institutional experience, being of an ethnic minority all correlated. And the delusions … Continue reading

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