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ISPS-US 17th Annual Meeting:
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wholeness in Extreme States

November 9-11, 2018 · Philadelphia, PA
Courtyard by Marriott Downtown

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About the Meeting
As we gather together in this historic city of Philadelphia, we are aware that one of the central symbols of what is best in our country is the Liberty Bell, cracked and yet whole, stifled and yet resonant, emblematic of failure and of hope alike. When we look at the available resources for those who are struggling with psychosis and other anomalous experiences, we can both celebrate the supportive network of services, research and relationships that fill the spaces between us and bemoan the cracks in our communities and in our system of care, through which so many still fall.

In this, the ISPS-US 17th Annual Meeting, we welcome presentations that aim to fill the gaps -- to bridge the divide between where we are now and where we need to go, to connect people with optimal services, to bring us closer to one another through empathy and wisdom, and to make the spaces between us more liberating and alive. Join ISPS-US for a weekend of inspiration, support, and possibility as we work to transform the cracks in our communities, our continuum of care, and our understanding into fertile spaces where hope can thrive. Philadelphia, here we come!

Keynote Speaker: Berta Britz, MSW, ACSW, CPS

Practicing Revolution: Uniting to Do the Work of Love

This talk invites us all to crack open our eyes, hearts and minds for liberty, locating being human as a dynamic process that everyone participates in co-creating. It is a call to de-colonize ourselves, to grow into our potential. It asks us to turn away from familiar approaches to difference that attempt to classify, cure, control, educate, normalize, manage, or punish in order to maintain a status quo that diminishes us all. It is a plea for communal courage.

Honoree: Krista MacKinnon

Mobilizing the Wisdom of The Recovery Model for Whole Family Healing

Families deserve support and education that responds to their holistic needs and concerns as individuals and as a whole family as they overcome mental health struggles. This talk will explore the existing climate individuals and families face when seeking help for complicated emotional distress, the damage that the implicit bias inherent in the mental health system can have on families, as well as the remarkable benefits of educating families in mental health recovery. In closing, this talk will share a vision for a whole and comprehensive approach to families healing together and invite participants to consider their capacity to contribute to co-creating this culture of healing.

This program will interest psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, therapists, nurses, peer specialists and other mental health professionals, students, academics and attorneys, as well as members of the lay public, including people with lived experience of psychosis/extreme states and their families, who are interested in learning about the experience and treatment of psychosis and extreme states.

Chair: Mark Richardson, PsyD
Berta Britz, CPS, MSW, ACSW; Marie Brown, MA, Nancy Burke, PhD, Georgia Case; Michael D. Garrett , MD; Casadi 'Khaki' Marino, PhD, LCSW; Helen J. Wood, DClinPsy; Pat Wright, M.Ed.

Conference Cosponsors

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ISPS-US announces the Rodney Waldron Memorial Scholarship Fund.

21st International ISPS Congress: Stranger in the City
On the circular relationship between alienation and psychosis and the healing power of human reconnection
28 August - 1 September 2019, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Psychosis is more common in big cities, defragmented neighborhoods and among migrants living apart


In this conference epidemiologic researchers, cultural scientists, clinicians and people with psychotic experiences and their families will discuss to answer this question and what to do about it.

Remember: the healing power of human reconnection

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16th Annual Meeting Archive

Psychosis in Context: Exploring Intersections in Diverse Identities and Extreme States

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