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The ISPS-US Bookstore: 3 Ways to Support Our Mission Through Your Purchase

1 The ISPS-US Book Series

The ISPS-US Book Series presents works which our book series editorial board has deemed important and congruent with the mission of ISPS-US. These books are issued through the auspices of AuthorHouse and are marketed both at our ISPS-US website and other ISPS-US publications, and through We are pleased to be launching the series with A Way Out of Madness, edited by Daniel Mackler and Matthew Morrissey. This collection of compelling first-person accounts contain much wisdom for those struggling with emotional difficulties, for their families and for the mental health professionals working with them.

Order this book directly through ISPS-US for the discount price of $15, including s/h, and all profit will go to ISPS-US. You may also order from Amazon

2 The ISPS International Book Series

The ISPS book series is intended to provide a resource for those wanting to consider aspects of psychosis in detail. It now also includes a monograph strand primarily targeted at academics. Central to both strands is the combination of rigorous, in-depth intellectual content and accessibility to a wide range of readers. We aim for the series to be a resource for mental health professionals of all disciplines, for those developing and implementing policy, for academics in the social and clinical sciences, and for people whose interest in psychosis stems from personal or family experience. We hope that the book series will help challenge excessively biological ways of conceptualising and treating psychosis through the dissemination of existing knowledge and ideas and by fostering new interdisciplinary dialogues and perspectives.

All titles may be ordered online at Routlegde

3 The ISPS-US Bookstore at Amazon

Do your shopping at Amazon and support ISPS-US.

When you go to Amazon from this website, every purchase you make there (books, software, clothing, ANYTHING you buy at Amazon!) earns ISPS-US a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Start your shopping with the ISPS-US Recommended Reading List. These books on psychoanalysis, psychosis and related subjects, have been recommended by Brian Koehler, Ph.D. (If you prefer a plain text list of recommended reading, click here instead.)