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Interview with ISPS member Gregory Shankland

One of the things I like most about ISPS is the diversity of its members. We are truly a creative mix of people including (but not limited to): people with lived experience of voices, visions & extreme states, researchers, students, psychologists, … Continue reading

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Developing a Compassionate Voice as a Step Toward Living With Voices

I’ve previously written about the possible role of compassion focused therapy in helping people relate better to problematic voices, in my posts Could compassionate self talk replace hostile voices?, Feed Your Demons!, and A Paradox: Is Our System for Responding to Threats Itself a … Continue reading

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Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia – A Valuable, and Free, Online Report

What would happen if a team of highly qualified psychologists joined up with a team of people who knew psychosis from the inside, from their own journey into madness and then recovery – and if they collaborated in writing a … Continue reading

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From Being Beaten Up By Voices, To Having a Voice

Keris Jän Myrick ISPS is really excited to have Keris Jän Myrick as one of our plenary speakers at our international conference, to be held March 18 – 22, 2015 at The Cooper Union in New York City. (adapted from www.nami.org and www.madinamerica.com) Keris … Continue reading

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CBT for Psychosis, and the Hearing Voices Movement – Can They Be Friends?

When Doug Turkington, a UK psychiatrist, first announced to his colleagues that he wanted to help people with psychotic experiences by talking to them, he was told by some that this would just make them worse, and by others that … Continue reading

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