New Online Hearing Voices Group For Families



From Hearing Voices USA: Since beginning in December 2016, our Online Hearing Voices Network groups have grown into powerful virtual communities of support.  We often receive emails from the family members of voice-hearers asking if they can observe meetings to get some insight into the experience of voice-hearing , how to cope or make meaning of it and the values of HVN.  While this is not something we can accommodate in the Monday group, it has inspired us to schedule an Online Forum specific for family.

This Online Forum will give family members the opportunity to ask questions of individuals who hear voices, see visions or navigate other alternate realities (who also have extensive experience supporting others with extreme states of mind or consciousness).  Participants are welcome to submit questions in advance.

WHO:   Family members of voice-hearers

WHEN: Wednesday, February 7th from 8:00PM-9:30PM Eastern Time

HOW:  Zoom teleconference platform (one click access from computer and option to download Zoom app onto SmartPhone)

For access code please email

More info at


About Marie C. Hansen

Marie C. Hansen, MA is a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at Long Island University Brooklyn. She is a co-founder of Hearing Voices Network New York City and chair of the ISPS-US Student and Early Career Committee. Her scholarly and research interests include integrative (CBT/psychodynamic) approaches to psychosis, peer support and postpartum psychosis.
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